January 06, 2023

Type Electives, an Online Design School, Launches with Eight Courses

Type Electives, a new online design school shaping the future of type, is now enrolling students for the spring term. Co-founded by type designers and educators Lynne Yun and Juan Villanueva, Type Electives offers courses that go beyond traditional type design education. The school is launching with eight courses ranging from introductory classes to workshops for more advanced learners. As part of its mission to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future in our industry, the school is providing scholarship seats for BIPOC participants in every class.

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Type Electives’ spring lineup:

  • Intro to Generative Typography with p5.js with Lynne Yun & Kevin Yeh

    • Explore the building blocks of algorithmic art and learn to manipulate digital type

  • Crash Course in Type Design with Libbie Bischoff [Sold Out]

    • Learn the ins and outs of the type design process with like-minded folks

  • Say It Proud: Lettering with Intention with David Jon Walker

    • Celebrate your own unique voice and express yourself through the craft of lettering

  • Provoking Type with Schessa Garbutt

    • Take a critical and decolonial lens to explore and reimagine the narratives, contexts, and futures of type 

  • Foundations of Display Type Design with Juan Villanueva

    • Level up your type skills, get out of your comfort zone, and learn the foundations for designing display typefaces that speak for themselves

  • Websites Beyond the Page with Meghna Dholakia & Ilona Brand

    • Lean into the personal, the playful, and the poetic aspects of web design

  • Intro to AR Type with Beatriz Lozano

    • Explore the latest AR technology and reimagine your work in all dimensions

  • Lettering Variations with Gen Ramírez

    • Learn and bend the rules of classic styles to create letterforms with a unique personality

The instructors of Type Electives have a deep passion for type and education, and are committed to making space for the multiple narratives and truths that shape our practices. Our goal is to nurture students to become self-directed learners who can be confident in creating a body of work that celebrates their unique voices and lived experiences. 

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“This school is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time and its mission is at the core of who I am as a designer and educator,” says Juan Villanueva, co-founder of Type Electives. “We’re collaborating with some of the best designers and educators working in our field today and I’m excited for the students to become part of our community.” 

“Type is multidisciplinary – it has a rich history, its form has changed from the physical to the digital across time, and it is a ubiquitous way that we use to communicate every day,” says Lynne Yun, co-founder of Type Electives. “To me, this new school is a way to reflect that in education, and to use it as a basis to encourage dialogue between participants of all different disciplines.”

In addition to classes, Type Electives is developing a series of lectures open to everyone that invites new and established voices to share their stories, knowledge, and ideas with the community. Sponsorship opportunities for the programming are available, and anyone interested can email hello@typeelectives.com.

Type Electives aims to reach students all over the world and make type design more accessible. Each course has scholarships available for BIPOC participants, and anyone interested in applying can learn more on the scholarships page. Additionally, anyone interested in supporting the school’s mission can make a one-time or monthly donation on our funding page, or help spread the word about Type Electives by sharing a link to the website or following on social media. 

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About Type Electives

Type Electives is an online design school shaping the future of type. We offer a wide range of live online classes focused on letterforms, including type design, lettering, and creative technology. Our faculty is made up of people who approach their practice from a place of respect, responsibility, criticality, and love. We're excited to work with students interested in exploring a future founded in these principles.


Founders: Lynne Yun and Juan Villanueva



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